Ciao! My name is Luca.
I build data driven software as a Senior Frontend Engineer at YouGov.
I have experience in planning, designing and developing interactive data visualizations and platforms.

/about me

Always fascinated by the intersaction of technology and design, I began to dive into the field of data visualization with an experimental approach, applying web technologies to creative coding and generative art projects. I later extended my knowledge of the discipline working on analytics and businnes-oriented systems, and improving his technical skills with Javascript frameworks and libraries such as React, D3 and WebGL.

I'm a fervent supporter of the "Practice over Theory" approach, and my work is characterised by a particular focus on user interaction applied to data visualization.
I think of digital products as constantly evolving organisms.

I worked with clients such as Google, IBM, Adobe and WHO, to create high quality analytics platforms and data-driven digital experiences that combine functionality and aesthetic to provide deep involvement.

I'm active on github where I maintain some frontend libraries to do data visualizations and scroll snapping, and enjoy building creative coding experiments.
Reach out on linkedin or twitter for collaborations. CV⤓
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